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Friday, October 14, 2011

Small revolutions

We commit thousands of revolutionary actions every day. Every time we make a choice we choose to create the world that we live in. Everytime we use big business we empower big business. Everytime we decide to buy local or go to the farmers market we encourage more of those actions. It seems that many times we limit ourselves, we believe that we are truly insignificant, and in doing so, give ourselves a free pass. We must realize that we must shape the world.

Another important thing to realize is that we must change ourselves first. Every time we do something for ourselves rather than buying the solution, we make the world a little more self sufficient. Everytime we learn to do something we make the world a little more knowledgable. Everytime we live the life that we believe is best, we bring the world closer to our ideals.

We can change the world right where we are. Not that we don't need demonstrations, protests, and new ideas for the world. But we must realize that we can change the world by being an example to others. We can replace the frontyard with a beautiful food garden. We can learn to make our own bread, to create our own butter, and even to have our own milk animals.

We live in an age of nearly limitless information. We can find examples of people living alternatives to the rat race everyday. We can learn from thousands of books at places like Our public libraries are full of information on how to live more sane lives. We can create a better world simply by living by our beliefs.


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