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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A silent revolution

2011 was the year of the spring revolutions in North Africa and the Mediterranean world. But look around, there are revolutions everywhere. The entire organic movement was a revolution against the principles that the best way to grow things was to dominate nature. There is the occupy wall street movement, that those who are con artist should receive their punishment, whether they live in tenements or penthouses. There are revolutions everywhere, and the revolutions will continue. It is in their name, the turning, whether we turn the wheel forward or back, it is up to us to turn it.

Someone once told G.K. Chesterton that he couldn't turn back the clock. They were referring to his belief that the ideal economic system was that as many people as possible should be self employed. Chesterton responded that the clock, being a human invention, can be turned to any time that people see fit.

Look at history, look at your own ideals, decide what the ideal way to live is and start doing it. My website was started basically to put my money where my mouth is. To start living like I said people should live. To help others on their road to that life. I am not out to conquer, I am simply a person trying to live the best I know how.

I am ruled by certain constraints, as many of us are. I owe money for my schooling, I am in debt for my house. Nonetheless, I try to live life to the best of my ability, and to pay off my debts so that I may truly be free. Let us live as though we are free, and one day we will be.


Here you will find some books on how others percieved their revolution


And here you will find the distributist manifesto, namely that things shall be judged by the good or ill that they bring to humanity
From the last chapter of "What is Wrong with the World" by G.k. Chesterton

Here my book ends

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