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Saturday, December 3, 2011

People you should visit (Sur la Table)

The next in my series of people that you should visit is Sur la Table. If you cook, if you know someone who cooks, ah heck, if you eat, you should visit Sur la Table. They have a beautiful website full of tons of stuff for your kitchen.

Sur la Table provides a ton of hand tools from knives and dishes to more esoteric items like Ebelskiver pans or pizza stones. If you are looking for the proper tool to do a job, or simply want to see new ideas for your culinary endeavors, Sur la Table is a great site to browse.

Sur la Table also has great items available for bars, for storing wine, and for nearly anything to do with food. Perhaps you simply need a wine shelf instead of a 142 bottle dual zone touch screen wine cooler, they could help you out with either.

Sur la Table has also published some great books. "Things cooks love" is one of my favorites. Not only is it full of useful tools that the average cook may never have used before, it also contains a ton of recipes that use these tools. They also provide recipes and advice from chef's on the website.

It is a two minute process to request a free catalog, just using your name, address and email. These people are great for finding that tool that you didn't even know that you needed.
Check them out and see what you think.


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