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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Infused Vodka's

Hello again everyone.

This time I decided to blog on a hobby that has occupied me for a while, and it seems to simple that anyone should be able to do it. I create my own flavored spirits or vodkas. One of the reasons that I do this for myself is that it is incredibly cheaper than to buy all of the flavored brand name vodka's at the liquor store. The other reason that I do it is because there are such limitations of flavor, and just like with home brewing, when you infuse your own spirits, you only have to please a pallete of one.

To creat an infused vodka or spirit is incredibly simple. Basically, you take the flavoring ingredient; fresh fruit, herbs, spices, etc. and you allow it to steep in the spirit for a certain amount of time. The longer the ingredient steeps in the spirits, the more intense the flavor will be.

Currently my personal favorite is my French Tarragon and Lemon Verbena vodka. Simply from the name you can tell that this is not a vodka that will show up in liquor stores, and yet it is incredibly tasty.

The first step is to begin with a measured amount of vodka or neutral grain spirits. Basically, neutral grain spirits are flavorless alcohols. If you are using pure alcohol, be sure that you dilute it to a drinkable proof before using. I like to steep my flavorings in a gallon glass jar. The glass does not react with the alcohol, it is easy to clean, and the wide mouth allows easy access to filter the flavorings out of the spirits.

For the French Tarragon Vodka, I used 6 long sprigs of Tarragon from my garden, and the Lemon Verbena was 4 tips of the plant that I obtained by pinching out the plant in order to keep it bushy. Normally the pinched out tips would be thrown out, but this way I get to use them as flavoring.

The Lemon Verbena is added to keep the vodka from being simply a one dimensional flavor.

For two weeks I allowed the herbs to soak in the vodka, being sure to shake it occasionally to eliminate air bubbles and to keep the herbs submerged. Then I inserted on sprig of Tarragon and a few Lemon Verbena leaves into a clean vodka bottle. I filtered the infused spirit through cheesecloth and poured it into the clean vodka bottle.

The bottle is easily identified by the sprigs of herbs in it, and the flavor is a wonderful mix of anise, lemon, and "green". I store the bottle in the freezer, and the drink becomes increasingly complex as it warms in your mouth.

This is just one example of many different vodka's that could be created at home, all using essentially the same process. I hope that you all have fun expiramenting with your own flavorings.


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